SS IPTV is the unique platform for distributing your content among Smart TVs' owners. More than 700 000 of people use our app monthly, 250+ app's sessions every day. If you already broadcast your channel through internet you can be connected to our platform absolutely free to increase your potential audience significantly

3 reasons why SS IPTV is better than own Smart TV app:

Development (and also further support) of Smart TV app requires to engage highly skilled people whose remuneration is also very high. At the same time distributing conent through SS IPTV in "Open TV" section is absolutely free
SS IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV apps for LG Smart TV in the world. 18% of all the launches from LG Smart World in Russia are our app's launches ("Telesputnik" journal №9 (239), p. 48) and its intensity of use is much higher than for other alternative solutions. Studies show that SS IPTV is the only installed app for a huge part of our users, so they will never be the audience of your own Smart TV solution.
Given the large number of various Smart TV platforms even among the the major manufacturers, app's development and testing takes quite a long time, but much more time may take verification process for publishing in official app's store. With SS IPTV you can bring your channel to the most pupular Smart TV platforms operatively, making it available for the millions of televiewer all over the world.

Our Operators

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