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Knowledge base

Common questions

SS IPTV is free multi-purpose IPTV Player, which allows to play stream video from the internet or in local net directly on your Smart TV

SS IPTV does not render IPTV service itself. Application just allows its users to get access to the content, provided by IPTV operator (often your ISP). In case of this service is paid, all the settlements between IPTV operator and its customer are provided directly, without any our assistance.

Usually the ISPs, translating clean stream (not scrabled) IPTV, store playlists on their web-sites. If you cannot find it, contact the ISP's support service

It means that the playlist which you have added as URL to SS IPTV is unavailable.
"Unavailable" means that SS IPTV tried to load it via URL but the server did not respond at all or the response had the issues.
What is wrong? On SS IPTV site in playlist editor connect your TV with playlist editor and press "[check]" in External playlist tab.

Playback issues

Please, make sure, your playlist is working, using IPTV Player or VLC on the PC.

If you have multicast streams, the UDP to HTTP function has to be turned on in app's settings and to be set up on your router. Otherwise the codecs used in your streams probably aren't supported by your device.

Both stream types are supported but we recommended to use HLS when possible.

Other issues

Use audio-track attribute in your playlist as described here.

You must upload your playlist in "My Videos" section to see playback controls.


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