Since this moment base functionality of SS IPTV are extended with one of the most popular function. We mean “user’s playlist upload” feature. The main goal of this function is extension of content base for end user available in this application. In case if your Internet Service Provider (IPS) provide unique sources of streaming video content which can’t be classified as national, federal or regional TV channel or in case if some of the channels are available in testing mode  you can try to use this feature to extend available content base. Also, users which IPS is not present at SS IPTV application’s base have possibility to upload IPTV list of their own provider and watch it now!

Another good thing about new feature is that users which IPS isn’t provide IPTV service also will get this service through OTT sources. There are many different IPTV sources are available through internet at now. It can be free or paid services, it’s depends on service provider. Usually paid services are more stable and have better quality than free. The main advantage of OTT is that the links with video content are available through internet all around the world. If you have hi speed broadband internet connation it doesn’t matter what is your IPS. Please pay attention that the quality and legality of such type of content is not SS IPTV area of responsibility.

In application has been integrated two methods of playlist uploading:

First. In the settings part of application SS IPTV you can write the direct link to playlist with streaming video content.  If result of uploading process will be successful the channels from uploaded playlist will be available by playlist button on main screen.

Second. Uploading is possible through SS IPTV web site in part of “TV Area”.  But first of all have to be done establishing connection between your Smart TV and PC Web browser.  To connect your TV-set to computer please go to Settings and select playlist uploading part. In this screen are available button “Get Code”. Please, get connection code from TV and write it in Playlist Editor on this site. This code will be available for 24 hours for connection. It means that you have only 24 hours to write it to TV Area form.  After activation process the site save information about your TV Device and then it will not ask about establishing connection. By clicking on TV area part of SS IPTV site you will get page with form to upload your playlist. Also you can see what was uploaded before.

Warning! At this moment realized support of only m3u playlist’s with UTF-8 charset encoding. Until 1 July, 2013 the service is under testing. If you will have difficulties with playlist uploading process please notify us about them. It’s help us to make better this usful service. Also please write your suggestions for extend functionality of whole application on our forum:

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